Happy New Year! (And some songs!)

Welcome to 2012! I’m sorry for the lack of updates to this blog! Life has been very busy! Let us hope that 2012 will bring more updates to the blog. Here is an update with lots of songs that we’ve learned since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, I cannot find videos for all the songs but I hope you enjoy the ones below!










Nous avons tous besoin de réviser nombres en anglais! Voici quelques liens amusants! Cliquez sur les images pour sélectionnez le jeu.

Chercher des mots. Cliquez sur “clue” pour obtenir des indices.

Cliquez et faites glisser les mots dans les espaces de compléter les phrases.

“Pop” les ballons pour épeler le mot pour chaque numéro!


22 days of school!

Today, October 07, 2011, was the 22nd day of school! It is very common in France to not have school on Wednesday. Our school has school in the morning on Wednesday and usually we have one Wednesday a month that is une journée libérée or a day off!

Here is an update on our 100 words:

Day 15 – spider/une araignée

Day 16 – tree/ un arbre

Day 17 – (I can’t remember! I’ll update on Monday!)

Day 18 – crisps/chips/des chips

Day 19 – laptop/un ordinateur portable

Day 20 – glue/ la colle

Day 21 – boat/ un bateau

Day 22 – car/ une voiture

We still need more words to make it to 100! Please leave a comment with some word suggestions!


A classroom mascot?

For the last two weeks we’ve had a friend peeking in on our English classes. Can you see it?

Can you see it in the corner of the window? Perhaps if we zoom in a bit closer?

Can you see it now? The enormous spider web or la toile d’araignée?

We first noticed the spider two weeks ago and now we are sure to look for her during every English class but she is not always there. We wonder where she goes when she leaves her web…What do you think?

Not every group has been lucky enough to catch her when she is on her web but if you wait long enough…

We’ve named her Suzanne and everyone says “Goodbye, Suzanne” when they leave the English room.

Do you like the name Suzanne? Do you have a classroom mascot?

Word Clouds

Bonjour Everyone!

We have made some word clouds! Do you know what word clouds are? Here is one that Miriam made:

First we answered questions on a questionnaire. There were questions such as “What is your name?” and “How old are you?” All the questions asked us about ourselves!

Next, we used the answers to the questions to make a big list of words. We entered the big list of words into the text box on the Word Cloud program at abcya.com.

The Word Cloud program used all of our words to make a word cloud and then we got to choose the type of font, the direction of the words, and you can even choose different colors! Our printer only prints in black and white so we decided to do ours in black and white.

When we were happy with our word cloud, we printed it and then we used it to decorate our English notebooks! Here are some more of our word clouds:


Can you guess Oscar’s age? What is his favorite color?

What is Loic’s favorite food? What instrument does he play?

Have you made a word cloud?

Can you guess what other questions we had to answer? Here is a clue: look at our words in the word cloud!

Welcome Quad Friends! (Plus more words for our list!)

Bonjour tout le monde! Hello everyone!










Here is the view from the salle d’anglais! Quite different than a few weeks ago!

It is officially our week to blog for our Quad and we can’t wait to share with you! Be sure to come back tomorrow and the rest of the week for more posts but in the meantime here is an update on our 100 words. Merci, Springwell 5J, for the great suggestions. We’ve added them to our mix of words and you should see them appear very soon. To learn more about our 100 Words for 100 Days project and the first six words, click here, and please feel free to keep making word suggestions: we still have 88 more days to go!

Day 7: bird – un oiseau

Day 8: leaf – une feuille

Day 9: chocolate – le chocolat

Day 10: bicycle/bike – une bicyclette ou un vélo

Day 11: telephone – le téléphone

Day 12: computer – un ordinateur

Day 13: television/tv – une télévision/télé

Day 14: water bottle – une bouteille d’eau

Can you think of any more words for us to learn in English? What words would you like to know in French? Please leave us a comment!

These are some of our computers or ordinateurs!


100 Words for 100 Days

Almost all the students at our school are counting the days of school in English so that we can celebrate when we arrive at 100 days of school. We’ve now arrived at Day 6! Only 94 more days to go before we get to 100!


The CE2 (7-8-9 years old) have made a goal to learn a new word in English for each day of school. The students have submitted words to Sarah and during each class we randomly choose one word for each day. When we arrive at 100, they can say that they know 100 words in English! Of course they’ll know many more than 100 but it will be fun to choose words and have a visual of all the words they have chosen. Here are the words they have learned so far including their French translation for those who might want to play along with us!




Day 1: pencil bag/pencil case/la trousse d’école

Day 2: scissors/une paire de ciseaux

Day 3: airplane/un avion

Day 4: star/une étoile

Day 5: notebook/un cahier

Day 6: marker/un stylo-feutre




Can you suggest a word or two for our class? Please leave a comment below!